August in Yuruga’s native gardens

Enjoying a coffee in the Yuruga gardens the other day, we were captivated by a pair of Brown Honeyeaters flitting amongst the glorious deep-red, pom-pom flowers of the Powder-puff Lilly-pillies in full bloom. Small plain birds they may be, but they have a remarkably strong sweet song. What a wonderful combination of colour, texture and birdsong, and what a beautiful plant for a shady spot in the garden.

The Brown Honeyeaters also love the bright red flowers of the Native Fuchsias (Graptophyllums), and Grevilleas too, of course. And so do the Yellow Honeyeaters that also call Yuruga home. So the birdbath near our Grevilleas is a busy place during the day, and quite noisy at times what with the loud clear whistle of the Yellow Honeyeaters and our resident Willy-Wagtail as well.

Grevilleas are favourites of native gardeners, since they flower for most of the year, but spring is when they really put on a special show, and right on cue they are bursting into full flower all through our region. Grevilleas come in all colours from red flowers (Grevillea banksii), to yellow (Sandra Gordon), orange (Honey Gem), pink (Kay Williams) and white (Moonlight), and they drip with nectar. No wonder the birds love them.

The lovely Fig Birds have descended on Yuruga in flocks to feast in our native fig trees, and the fantastically-beautiful Red-Winged Parrots are back again to breed in the Yuruga gardens (they come every year to raise a family and delight us with their magnificent colours).

Then there’s the Callistemons (bottlebrushes), which are always guaranteed to have some flowers. The Weeping Bottlebrush (Callistemon viminalis) and the local species ‘Emerald Beauty’ are both covered in a mass of red flowers at the moment.

Our Burdekin Plum trees are loaded with plump, glossy black fruit, and our stately Bombax trees (deciduous at this time of year) are about to burst into full bloom with fantastic deep red flowers highlighted against the blue sky.

With the last of the cooler weather pretty well behind us, lots of different plants are bursting into new growth. Nothing beats the gorgeous new soft pink foliage of the Small-leafed Lilly-pilly (Syzygium luehmannii) and the bright red-maroon new growth of the Cape Plum (Flacourtia) to add a fantastic splash of colour in the garden.

And then there’s the butterflies. Every day of the year we are guaranteed to see Australian Rustic butterflies (orange), Blue Triangles (blue, of course!), Orchard Swallowtails, and the stunning Ulysses.

No wonder we are hooked on our native garden!

See you at Yuruga soon (and look out for the Powder-puff Lilly-pillies in the courtyard at the Garden Café)!
Peter and Ann