Diamonds In The Rough

MarcusThere’s a rugged natural beauty associated with plants in the Australian dry country. They’re gnarly, weathered, fire scarred, insect damaged and often hold their dead limbs. Essentially they are full of character but not exactly the look most people are going for when creating a garden to frame their beautiful new home. However, these bush plants are really just diamonds in the rough.

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Eucalypts, a gum tree for every situation

This article is extracted from Yuruga Newsletter
Vol 11 No 2 (May 2003)

The focus of this article is for gardeners in tropical Australia.
However, the basic principles apply for throughout Australia
with minor modifications for local conditions.

The gum trees (eucalypts) are such a dominant aspect of the Australian landscape that it’s easy to think that most of the approximately 1000 species all look the same.

Take a closer look, though, and you’ll see an amazing array of shapes, sizes, leaves and flower colour. With over 30 different species of Eucalypt stocked here at Yuruga, there’s a gum tree of every shape and size, for every situation from home garden to timber plot.

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