Here comes the rain

MarcusIs your garden ready for it?

December is probably one of the most exciting times of the year for gardeners in the tropics as it’s usually the time when we see the strongest signs that the dry season is coming to an end and the real wet is about to start. It’s the time of the year when new plants get planted, and failures get excavated. Everything starts to grow like mad with the onset of warm heavy rains, and you assume you can just sit back and watch your garden grow. Unfortunately the weeds and lawn also go into overdrive and gardening turns into a race between you and everything green. So before you get left behind and your beautiful garden turns into an accidental jungle, there are a few things you should get on top of.

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I’ve Bogged The Lawnmower

MarcusMany of us have a depressing area in the garden that gets completely waterlogged during the wet season. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s the spot the kids sink into and lose their gumboots. You can’t even mow it during the wet because you’re afraid you’ll need a winch to get the mower out, and every plant you’ve ever planted there has turned into a lifeless stick.

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