Give a vine a go.

Block sizes are getting smaller, houses are getting bigger… there’s barely enough room these days to squeeze down the side of the house with the wheelie bin, let alone plant a dense bushy screen to provide privacy from the neighbours.

So, if you’ve not got enough room to plant a normal screen, what can you do?

Here’s an idea …. put up a trellis, plant a selection of vines, and hey presto! … you’ve created a living, breathing, flowering, green fence.

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When a fence is not enough

MarcusWe all value our privacy when we are in our homes. And when we’re in our backyards we don’t like the fact that the eyes of others may peer over the fence, but we kind of accept it, because building an eight metre high fence wouldn’t be a practical solution. Apart from violating building regulations, the visual impact of living within a giant wooden box would appeal to very few. However there is a very simple, cheap and visually pleasing solution. A privacy screen made of living plants.

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