(Pot) size matters…!

We are often asked for ‘tubestock’, because tubes (being small plants) cost less. However, beware… it is very likely false economy.

The 140mm pot (which is larger than a tube) is the smallest size (and hence the cheapest plant) that will ensure survival and success at planting. Buying your plants in tubes is false economy if they don’t grow, or worse still if they die.

That is why the bulk of Yuruga’s plants are sold in 140mm pots, and why only a small range of our plants are available to you in tubes.

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The Low-down on Short Plants

MarcusYou would think there would be nothing simpler than to find a native plant that won’t grow over a metre tall. Well, those of you who have been shopping for small native plants may have discovered that the range available is actually quite limited. If you’re planting a rainforest garden you have a pretty good choice of ferns, and a handful of sedges and a few other small flowering plants. There are also a small number of shrub cultivars that have stunted growth and thus fall into the category of small plants.

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