Native Feature Trees

There’s a big difference between growing trees and growing feature trees, and it’s got very little to do with the species you use. It’s got everything to do with how you grow them. Ever heard the expression “Can’t see the forest for the trees”? Well, the opposite should be considered when planting feature trees, else you “Won’t see the trees for the forest”.

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Deep Planting – a north Queensland perspective

There’s an idea doing the rounds that the latest thing in gardening is ‘deep planting’. And by ‘deep planting’ we mean really deep, as in digging a hole up to half a metre deep and burying the poor plant up to its eye-balls.

So, we’ve been doing a bit of research here at Yuruga to find out where the idea came from and whether it has any merits or applications to us up here in north Queensland.

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Building up your garden beds with “manufactured” soil.

These articles are extracted from the Yuruga Newsletter
Vol 13 No 1
(December 2005).

Lots of people like to build up their garden beds by adding extra soil. This is a very popular approach to gardening, particularly where your original soil is quite poor or if it is poorly drained.

However, there are serious traps for the unwary, so here’s our advice to you ..

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