Rocks in the garden are great! They never die, and they don’t drop leaves in the pool or get eaten by caterpillars. You don’t need to water them or worry about which fertilizer to use. And as long as they’re large enough, you won’t even lose them during a cyclone. In my opinion no native Australian garden is complete without the presence of a rock or two or maybe a dozen or more. And the bigger, the better.
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Getting Touchy-Feely In The Garden

MarcusA couple of years ago while working as a rainforest guide, I was asked to undertake a private rainforest walk with a difference. You see, the young Italian honeymooners who had hired me were blind. Obviously this meant expressions such as “look at this,” and “can you see the”, had to be abandoned and emphasis shifted to other senses. We walked very slowly, listening, smelling and touching. I have to say, it was one of my most rewarding and memorable experiences.

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